KidsThemeHouseParty Car Foil Balloons Set of 2 pcs (Round Shape) 18″ fortheme party Decoration/Party Supplies


Please note, if you find foil balloons in wrinkle condition due to tight packing/shipping don’t worry, once the fill with air completely, no wrinkle would be visible. After 5-7 days if you think air pressure is little low, please fill with more air and enjoy using it. Do not worried about the thickness of the balloons, it is made with very good quality.

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Your ideal Party Decorations, Birthday Decorations, Blush Party Decorations! Balloons are beautiful and fun addition to any party. No party would seem complete without balloons to play around with. Balloons are not just for kids parties, they can be used anywhere anytime and for any occasion you wish to celebrate. Whether it is a party in the office, a christmas bash, a baby shower, wedding or a casual party for friends, balloons seem to be an essential of party supplies. Along with buntings, balloons are the most favored decorations for any occasion. With party balloons, you can be sure that your party will always be colorful and fun. Great for small and large events decoration

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